SINCE 1820

When Pieter Visagie chose a river-side brewery for the clean, clear waters that flowed from the mountain side, he couldn't have known that time would serve to build a suburb and two stadiums on its slopes. Yet, the legendary spring water still bubbles up to this day, as crystal clear and pure as ever.

It's always gone against our grain to use anything but the finest 100% pure natural Newlands spring water in every one of our legendary beers. And it always will. Of course history is written on the pages of legend, like the traditions of our legendary beers.
The taste of tradition, our beer is the toast of legends and, at the end of the day, more refreshing than pure mountain water.


 The water collection point at the Brewery is closed.  
A new water collection point has opened across the road from the Brewery at the Newlands swimming pool (Main road, Entrance between the pool and The Slug & Lettuce).
Spring is currently open 5am – 11pm.
TUE-THU: 10am, 12pm & 2pm
FRI: 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm
SAT: 10am, 12pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

Need to knows:
# Tours are subject to availability
# Advanced Reservations Required
# No U18’s (infants included)
# No Alcohol to be consumed prior to the tour
# Closed, flat shoes to be worn
# Tour is not accessible to those in wheelchairs or
making use of walking aids (crutches, walking sticks, etc )
# No Pets

A Subsidiary of The South African Breweries